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The impetus behind the Howard Heroes Fund began in 2003 when several members of the Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association suffered devastating, personal tragedies.  Two members lost a son to suicide, another member’s seven year old son passed away after a courageous battle with leukemia and another member lost his home and all belongings to fire.  The other members of the organization struggled with the desire to help our brothers and sisters while still preserving the treasury of our organization for its intended purposes.  Several ideas were put forward and debated, but ultimately they elected to create a separate fund and file for approval as a public charity.  Although the members affected in 2003 would not benefit from the fund, it would be there in case of future need.  The original filing was made in early 2004 and after a great deal of effort the fund was officially recognized with 501(c)(3) status as a public charity on August 21, 2007.  The fund continues today with one simple mission:

To be able to provide financial assistance to career firefighters or their families who have experienced catastrophic injury or death in the line of duty, death through common accident or sickness, the significant illness of the firefighter or a member of his/her family, or a significant catastrophic loss.  

While we recognize that essentially all career firefighters have health insurance through their employers and that the vast majority of career firefighters maintain life insurance through either their employer and/or third party providers, there are often gaps and delays in coverage.  Our hope is to be able to assist those firefighters during their time of need.


We Will Never Forget