We Will Never Forget

The Inspiring Origin of the Howard Heroes Fund

The genesis of the Howard Heroes Fund can be traced back to 2003, ignited by a series of gut-wrenching tragedies within the Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association. The profound anguish of losing two members' sons to suicide, witnessing the valiant battle and ultimate loss of another member's child to leukemia, and enduring the devastation of yet another member's home and possessions to fire, shook the very foundation of the organization.

In the midst of this turmoil, amidst the raw grief and unwavering solidarity to uplift their fellow firefighters, there arose an urgent imperative: to fortify the association's financial resources while extending unwavering support to those in dire need.

Following exhaustive discussions and careful consideration of numerous propositions, a pivotal decision was reached: to establish a dedicated fund and pursue formal recognition as a public charity. While those directly impacted in 2003 would not directly benefit from this initiative, its inception was a beacon of hope, ensuring a lifeline for future members confronting similar crises.

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Honoring Heroes

Ways to Contribute

One-Time Donations

One-time donations are crucial for the Howard Heroes Fund, enabling prompt assistance for firefighters and their families during crises. Your contribution directly aids those facing personal tragedies, disasters, or critical healthcare needs, serving as a lifeline for their well-being. Regardless of the amount, your generosity sustains our commitment to those who selflessly protect others. We deeply appreciate your support, as each donation fuels our ongoing efforts to uplift and support the firefighting community. Together, we can make a lasting impact, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and compassion at the heart of the Howard Heroes Fund mission.

Reoccurring Donations

Reoccurring donations are essential for sustaining the Howard Heroes Fund's mission of supporting our firefighter community. Your commitment to regular contributions ensures consistent support for long-term initiatives, including aiding firefighters and their families. For instance, a reoccurring donation of $20 per month can provide mental health resources. These donations demonstrate a steadfast commitment to our cause and allow us to allocate resources effectively, amplifying the impact of every dollar donated. Your ongoing support through reoccurring donations is invaluable in enabling us to fulfill our mission of serving those who dedicate their lives to protecting others.

Corporate Giving

Corporate giving benefits both companies and the Howard Heroes Fund by strengthening corporate social responsibility efforts and enhancing community well-being. Companies demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental stewardship through participation in corporate giving, which also boosts their brand reputation. By supporting the Howard Heroes Fund, companies showcase their dedication to frontline workers, fostering goodwill among stakeholders. The Howard Heroes Fund receives crucial financial support from corporate giving, enabling it to expand programs benefiting firefighters and their families.

Make a Donation

Donations are essential for the fund's growth. Every contribution is deeply valued. Your donation is tax-deductible; however, please consult your tax advisor for details regarding deductibility. To contribute, kindly send a check made payable to "Howard Heroes Fund" to the address below, or alternatively, you can transfer funds directly to the organizations's account.

Howard Heroes Fund
5397 Twin Knolls Road Suite 16
Columbia, Maryland 21045
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Spotlighting Our Champions: Acknowledging Excellence and Dedication

Darby Law Group, LLC, proficiently oversees workers' compensation matters involving accidental injuries, occupational disease claims, and personal injury cases, adeptly advocating for clients in various legal contexts to attain fair settlements, concurrently endorsing the Howard Heroes Fund, whose support and involvement have been integral to our success and growth.

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Mission BBQ not only serves up the finest BBQ in town with exceptional service but also stands behind your local heroes by championing the Howard Heroes Fund, a support we deeply appreciate.

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The Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services Retirees support The Howard Heroes Fund! Thank you very much to Ret. Lt. Dennis Beard, Ret. Chief Jeff King, Ret. Chief Charlie Sharpe, and all the retirees for your continued and steady support. It is greatly appreciated! We look forward to growing The Howard Heroes Fund with the retirees for years to come.

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